Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cookies :)

Hey guys! So since I have no idea what this blog is gonna be like I titled it "Cookies" for my friend Ryan. And you will now lose the game because of Jared. So make sure to thank him. Anyways, so yesterday was a very fun day. I had both Aaron and Jared over and we went down to the point. On the way to the point we met the sweetest dog named Rocky! Then we continued our journey along the way we took a lot of pictures. We had a lot of fun! I am glad I was able to spend the day with them :) Thanks Aaron and Jared for being my friends :) You guys are amazing and a lot of fun to hang out with! I know sometimes we get on each others nerves but in the end I would not wanna call anyone else my "brothers." You guys have changed my life so much this year! I hope we always stay in contact! I'm sure we will aha. So I guess that's it for this blog. Blog ya later!!!!!!

Lizzie {-;

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take time to think about this...

Hey guys! :) Okay so if you attended our youth Sunday event on Sunday. Then you will know that we focused on prayer. Which is SO important. We watch a video on prayer by the Skit Guys. Now these guys are AWESOME!!!! But they make a very important point in each of their videos. The one that really jumped out at me was the one called " The way we pray" It is an amazing video very funny!! But everything they did is true. We always try to twist it into something else. When we pray we rush it, and ask for things that we don't need. Or when something bad happens and we call on God to fix it. And when things don't go our way, or someone else gets what we want.. we get mad and we think oh He doesn't care anymore blah blah blah. I admit to doing it! I still do! But I try me best not to do that. I try to remember that God always has a better plan. And then we have those times where you have no idea what to say so you just ramble. But sometimes God just wants us to sit in silence and listen. Stop talking and just hear Him out. Let Him do the talking for once. Sometimes God has something important to tell us but we never take the time to listen. So next time you don't know what to say. Just say God I'm here and ready to listen.

Lizzie {-;

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My God moment...

Hey hey hey!!!!! :))))))) Okay so yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends at the cabin and there is this pretty good size cliff that you can jump off of into the water. We have done this many times! Believe me!!!! Its so cool jumping off of the cliff, free falling for a few seconds and hitting the water. Its AMAZING!!!!!! Anyways.. so I'm sure you are wondering what is up with the title. Well my friend and I were on top of the cliff. I was like enjoying the view when he tripped and bumped me. And the next thing I knew I was falling down into the water. When I hit the water my friend Jamie though I was dead or close to it. I hit my leg hard on the side of the cory. I was still in shock and sat there for a second before I came up. When I did everyone was freaking out, I was too. But when I got out of the water all I had was barley a scratch on my leg from where I hit the rock. No bruises so far, its amazing. I am still trying to grasp what happened. I am so blessed to even be alive and all I have is like a very small, small scratch. Epic. So I gotta say my faith is SO improved. God has my back for sure, and I have no doubt that no matter what God's got my back. Just like He has yours. :) Well thats all for now bloggers :)

Lizzie {-;-}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cannibal Seagulls?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay... so if you read the title and are like what?!?!?!?!?!!? Then do I have a story for you. This past week I was down state with my best friend Cassi :DDDD We had a lot of fun at cedar point and hanging out. It was epic!!!! So we decided to go to the beach we had planned on going swimming but it was waaaaaay to cold so we chilled and talked instead. Well I had some chips in my bag and we started feeding the seagulls. When we ran out we went to DQ and got some more. So we were hand feeding this one seagull called Mr. Fatty Pants. And what we would do is hold up a chip out with our hand and he would come swooping in and grab it. Well Cassi and I got bit but Cassi got cut. So now we call them cannibal seagulls. It was so funny!!!!!!! It was so epic!!!! And of course Cassi was laughing about it :) What a good sport!!!! So that's it for this blog.. Catch you next time!!!!!!!

Lizzie {-;-}

Monday, August 2, 2010

Holding on through the storm...

Hey guys! So if you have been following me on facebook you will see that 2010 has not been the best year for me. But yet its been an awesome year at the same time. Yeah I had a lot of ruff spots.. but God repaid me for staying strong and keeping my faith by bringing me awesome times with AMAZING friends, great adventures, and improving my faith. I had one friend keep telling me that something amazing is gonna happen to me after all this drama and stuff ended. Part of me believed him, part of him didn't. It seemed every time things were looking up I got shut down again and pushed back to square one. But I kept pushing forward and didn't lose faith. And I know I so could not have done it with out my friends. They kept me going. Made me laugh so hard when I couldn't even smile. They made me see that even though life may seem horrible there is always someone that can pull you through the storm. To be your shoulder to cry on, or your safe place to hide, or even just someone for you to vent on. So I just wanna say thanks to all my friends out there. You guys are amazing and I have no idea where I would be with out you. And if you even need me I'm always here. Thanks for pulling me through the storm. :)

Lizzie {-;-}

Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay, so I am about ready to kill myself here. I have been trapped in a chair all day because of shin splints. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! But it is so worth it cause in 3 days I will be @ Cedar Point with my best friend!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!! Pumped about that. So I will be gone 9 days. I will post pictures and all that stuff! So anyways yeah I really don't have any serious topic to talk about really. Not been in a really let's think about this mood. =-p Been in more of a go away anti-social mood. And my parents of course wanna know whats wrong.. I keep telling them that I am just mad cause I can't do anything and I am about ready to kill someone. And my parents are not helping. Aggravating.. I think so. So I guess I should go cause I got nothing else to say. So byeeeeeeeeee.

Lizzie {-;-}

Friday, July 23, 2010

How things have changed...

Hey guys! Well as you can tell by the title I have been thinking a lot. Dangerous right? Well anyways, I was looking at some old photos, and reading some old entries in my journal. Haha, crazy. Things have totally changed. I read about the time I first went to Silver Winds Church. Wow, I was so against going because I was still sore about leaving Fusion. Now I get mad if I can't go! I like freak out if we have to leave early. Its so crazy! And now I have so many close friends at SWC. Like Jared, Aaron, Jordan, Sara, Ian, Logan, Ian, Kurt, Paul, the list goes on! I know if I ever need to talk all I need to do it txt someone or call them and they are right there! They have become my family. And it took less then a year. Jared is like my best friend, and we became super close over like 3 months if that. It really surprised me how we were like always thinking alike, saying the same thing at the same time. It was weirding me out. Plus we were always agreeing all the time. But then we got used to it and said it was okay and no longer weird lol. Aaron is also like a brother to me. In fact we always call each other brothers and sister. Its funny though cause everyone thinks Jared and I are the brother and sister and Aaron is the third wheel, but I am actually the third wheel. Anyways, the whole church is like a family. And we love to add new members all the time! So if you are looking for a church to try out, feel free to look us up on facebook ( Silver Winds Church =-) ) and ask about directions and information and someone will get back to you! We have an awesome band, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it.. haha. Pastor Art is an amazing guy and is always willing to help! We have awesome programs for children of all ages! All the way up to 12th grade. On Wednesdays we have programs for teens and up. Plus a bunch more that goes on!!!! We would love to see you sometime! So come and see us sometime! Well thats all for now!!!!

Yours as always,
Lizzie {-;-}